New Noise

Nightshifts ‘All Along’

Toronto producer, Nightshifts, steps into a new light with his neo-psycedelia love track "All Along."

Toronto producer, Nightshifts, steps away from behind the scenes and onto a new platform with his debut single “All Along.” Through its neo-psychedelia and lo-fi production, the track is an easy listening gem rooted with an unrequited dash of love. Chilled relaxation muffle the honesty that genuinely bleeds from the words, “Darling I’ve been here all along,” countering the sparkling synths.  You ache alongside Nightshifts’ love that nestles shyly in the chorus, regardless of bittersweet verses that create the track’s foundation. It easily becomes one of those tracks that transports you to a specific moment in time with a gentle breeze of nostalgia and loving vulnerability.


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