Kelsy Karter’s Modern Soul Debut, ‘Out Of Drugs’

Kelsy Karter revives soulful-pop on her debut single "Out Of Drugs."

Australian “blue-eyed” soul singer, Kelsy Karter, who now resides in Los Angeles, embodies the heart of the 60s with today’s modern electronic-pop on her debut single “Out Of Drugs.” Described as a “rebel” and “outcast,” Karter’s not fitting in led her to the realization that she may have been born in the wrong decade, noting her musical influences that always seemed to differ with people her own age. As a result, Karter’s interpretation of these influences allow listeners to embrace pop and soul with a tint of tenderness that revolved in that era — not to say that Karter is pure love and tender, noting her switchblade and smoky vocals.

Karter’s croon is thick with emotion and ranges from a rusty, silvery knife cutting through guitar riffs, to a dreamy power house, echoing “will you still love me when I’m all out of drugs?” The nostalgia on the track pairs perfectly with the artist’s persona and gracefully opens to fresh moments of modernization. Centered around love and loss, Karter recreates a youthful aspect of  love with an distinctive edge. Bringing her tale of modern soul to life through her “Out Of Drugs” video, Karter is definitely an artist to keep a close eye on.

Kelsy Karter’s debut album is yet to be named or set for release but is inspired around heartbreaks and breaking hearts along the way.

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