New Noise

Headclouds ‘Flowers’

Newcastle “sunshine-pop” curators, Headclouds, debut their relaxed single “Flowers” and bring feel good vibes to our ears. Steven Gordon, Al Charnley, Nick Hodgson, and Cole Gilroy introduce themselves with a lo-fi production and an overwhelming sense of happiness. Structurally, “Flowers” strays away from a traditional form and jumps into a bright and vivacious lead. Within the first minute the colorful pallet becomes softer, still holding a sense of cheer, but this time with a hint of haze that delicately becomes somber. Each moment is brought to life with amplified guitar chords and reassuring vocals that etches hope at the end of each listen. Headclouds’ grainy presentation of the beauty of flowers becomes larger than life as the track grows, shining a bright light for future releases from the U.K. artists.

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