GiGi G ‘Morning Love’

GiGi Grombacher, better known simply as Los Angeles artist GiGi, comes to us as one of the artists that may have slipped through the cracks of our email abyss. GiGi’s “Morning Love,” co-written by Haleigh Bower, Michael Armstrong, and GiGi, is a relaxed expression of love against an electro-pop production. GiGi gently glides across shimmering synths towards an unravel of a pure pop chorus. While being extremely simple in it’s structure, this is a time where less is more when it comes to a highly “aggressive” and “loud” genre as pop; in the sense that one may choke on too many sprinkles. Yet this isn’t the case with “Morning Love.” The simplicity paired with GiGi’s controlled and light vocals make the track that much more pleasant. Not to say that it is simply a smooth ride from begining to end. By the 2nd minute, GiGi’s gentle whispers build to the tracks’ peak and push GiGi towards an emotive, vocal release.






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