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Persist: A Mixtape for Planned Parenthood

In light of uncertainty in this political cluster turmoil, there is always music. In addition, sometimes you need to be close to the problem to find a solution — a testament the is unraveling itself everyday. For Kirsten Carey, Los Angeles-based guitarist who primarily leads the punk duo, Throwaway, this became a way to cope with it all.  The mixtape features 22-tracks of woman-fronted bands that range from Miami, Texas, and Los Angeles, aiming to be one more voice for a better tomorrow. All proceeds are going directly to Planned Parenthood and is exclusively on Bandcamp.

Persist dives straight to the point with Brit Manor‘s “Diamond in the Rough“rhetorically asking about dreams, while reassuring we all our “buried treasure.” The track’s relaxed and tropical vibes slowly plant Manor’s encouraging words.  By the third track, one can see the emotional state Carey was in when curating the list, explaining, “Organizing the mixtape was my way of reacting to and coping with Trump’s election. I came up with the idea as I was getting over the shock / denial of it and was trying to figure out how I could help causes important to me that would come under fire.” Molly Jones’ experiential and abstract-scuzz piece, “Let Go” depicts Carey’s stance, and also acts as a barrier of genres through the transition from track to track on the mixtape.

While many songs were recorded for this compilation, others simply fit into the overall message. The diversity that is featured on the mixtape is the real celebration. From punk-art angst on “F.A.F.” from the Throwaway, electronic-pop sounds of Polartropica’s “Lines on the Water“, to the folk-twangs of Willa Rae & the Minor Arcana on “Ladylike,” a light is shown on all women; regardless of ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation., or home recording. Persist iswell thought out with something for every music lover, rooted in the heart to keep persisting.

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