A Sublime Symphony: Kan Wakan’s ‘Phantasmagoria Pt. 1’

Bulgarian born Gueorgui I. Linev, known musically as Kan Wakan, has created a voice so unique that it is truly unmistakable, even in an age where a seemingly infinite amount of music is readily at our fingertips. Having resided in such varied places as rural Idaho, San Luis Obispo, London, and finally Los Angeles, his work reflects this diversity of experience, containing both the sweet desperation of rural isolation and the tumultuous impatience of city life. At heart, Linev is a born composer, often featuring orchestral elements in his pieces and utilizing the chamber orchestra conducted by his uncle Stefan Linev.

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A taste of his upcoming triple LP Phantasmagoria, single “Phantasmagoria Pt. 1” slowly weaves an elegant, multilayered tapestry of sound, containing beautiful instrumentation blended seamlessly with the velvety vocals of Elle Olson. As it quietly builds, this symphonic piece imperceptibly transports the listener to a deeper chamber of consciousness, where the basest questions of existence are endlessly pondered. Rather than answering these questions, the song tempts the mind to dwell in the discomfiting realm of the unknowable, leaving the listener with more questions than they had at the start.

Originally set for a May 2017 release, Phantasmagoria is now slated for the fall, with an album release party planned in mid-October. If part one is any indication, what’s to come will be truly transcendent.

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