Mandy Sloan ‘Drift’

Indie songstress Many Sloan delivers the "in-between" of life on her latest video "Drift."

Music, or any art for this matter, has a wonderful way of creating itself. For indie-songstress Mandy Sloan, her latest music video “Drift,” taken from her 2016 album Blue Summer,  originally came as a result of  her own “off day”and later grew to it’s visual counterpart as a random introduction to filmmaker Beca Rodriguez, who at the time was looking for a track to be the soundtrack to her film.  Taking Sloan’s somber but blissful track and pairing it with a stranger’s similar transformational “off day” unties the video to a realistic level that is as human as the meaning.

“I think many of us battle with emotional slumps, and days where we feel stuck in the in-between,” explains Sloan. “This song is about those in-betweens, the waves in life where we aren’t sure what’s next or what we should be doing with our lives. It’s a lot about depression and struggling to find joy and meaning during the dull moments of the day.” Regardless of being created from a time of depression, Sloan and Director Beca Rodriguez, capture the beauty of the “in-between.” Sloan’s therapeutic vocals are a whisper throughout the video, creating an immediate gravitational pull to the heart of the track.  These emotive, honey-eyed vocals act almost as the lead character’s (Maria Rodriguez) conscious, assuring to continue with life. As the film unfolds, there’s a change in M. Rodriguez’s perspective; that can only created from destruction and growth.


“‘Drift’ is a story about a young woman rediscovering herself after losing someone close to her. On her own, she travels the West Coast in the search for her identity and peace of mind. Her emotional journey is of loss, turmoil, frustration and eventually hope. The majestic landscapes reflect how insignificant she is in the scope of the universe and also how little control she has of her own life and the adversities around her,” explains Rodriguez.

Scenic shots throughout “Drift” create the feeling of a larger than life scenario, and once again touch on a universal beauty of being human.

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