BERRIES ‘Wild Vow’

London-based band BERRIES take pieces from the Riot grrrl movement on their latest alt-rock video "Wild Vow."

Photo: Andras Paul Photography

London-based band BERRIES release their latest video to accompany their alt-rock track “Wild Vow” and introduce the rest of the world to their energetic quirk. Holly, Lauren, and Lucie, are showcased in their natural element as the video’s intimate live performance shots allow the track’s punchy, and addictive, melody to be appreciated. Carried somewhere between the variant of the revival of the Riot Grrrl musical movement, the BERRIES’ alternative-rock structure takes heed to this genre with modern changes here and there. Stronger, and grittier guitar riffs shine, balanced with a youthful, vocal lead. Keeping the duality of angst in line, the break of the track will make you swoon, as “Wild Vow” takes a dip back around to an immediate hault, fueled throughout with tight, potent drumming.

Visually, the trio’s relaxed state once again allows for the music to be appreciated. Almost as a reintroduction, for those unfamiliar, “Wild Vow” cuts through the unnecessary shots and focuses on this anxious behavior.

The trio explains, “Wild Vow” is the first single taken from our second EP. We have cranked up the distortion and gone slightly heavier with the riffs and drums – the lyrics bring with them a delicious hint of dry sarcasm based around hidden layers and warped expectations. We are really enjoying the direction of this new track and can’t wait for our next Headline show with Scruff of The Neck on 19th October at The Black Heart in Camden!”

 The trio effortlessly take center stage and make their place firmly amongst the indie-alt bands from the U.K. “Wild Vow” is taken from their second EP, released later this year.

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