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Kai Straw ‘Supernova’

Kai Straw is an artist that I truly believe in more each time I have the pleasure to soak in his latest creation. “Supernova” is not only a confirmation of my belief but a testament to the limitless amount of talent, and creative direction, that the San Francisco artist truly contains. Following-up the summer indie-pop delight, “The Recipe,” Kai breaks routine and surprises us yet again with the future, electronic track “Supernova.” Produced by Shokace and of course, James The Bear, the step into a heavy electronic umbrella opens Kai’s vocals, message, and flow into a different mindset.

Speaking on the track: “There was a time in my life when I wanted to kill myself; when every breath I took felt unearned.  But now, years later, I feel the opposite.  And I wanted to capture that feeling in a song – to bottle my sunshine for someone else.  Something with sort of – boundless, positive, hopeful energy.” Primarily focusing on an uplifting and bright feeling, Kai’s translation seemed to be set on the production. Shokace’s specialty within the modern electronic structures, followed-by James The Bear’s intangible alternative funk, pairs with the rasp of Kai’s vocals for this “bottle of sunshine.”

Despite it being something we haven’t heard yet from Kai, it simply fits. As more musicians and awareness of mental illness and depression becomes fitted in the norm, tracks that simply make you feel good are rarities that we should all hold on to. Noting how Kai is maturing into a continuous evolved sound, raises anticipation for the forthcoming LP, GUN, due out in September off Tenth Gate Records.

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