Papyllon ‘Seventeen, Baby’

Papyllon deliver a sexy, cool, and lustful sound on their latest single "Seventeen, baby."

Teetering between a sexy, cool demeanor and a lustful ambient aesthetic, Prešov, Slovakia natives — Papyllon — deliver a new wave of senses that is a soundscape of melting genres on their track “Seventeen, baby.” Brass horns carefully glide the track into a slow, and wanting opening, continuing to build on this alternative base. Wrapping around jazz qualities, “Seventeen, baby” extracts the soulful components from each genre as the band’s careful construction allow for this desire-based feel that echoes throughout.

Richard Rác (guitar),  Lukáš Lacko (drums),  Jakub Pastorák (bass), and Bohuš Hajduch (vocals, keys, guitar) explain in a press release that “Seventeen, baby” started as an electronic track that continued to go through numerous experimentations until it evolved into this emotive state. “There were, however, empty parts in the beginning and in the middle and we immediately felt that trumpet would do magic there. Fortunately, we have a friend who is a trumpet player and he played a beautiful trumpet link in the parts we wanted and even in other parts of the song to enhance the emotion. It is the only track that has a guest musician in it from the album,” explains the band.

Polishing with a vocal delivery that ironically scratches the surface of inner thoughts,  leading to the haunting hesitation lines, “You’re only seventeen, baby,”  it’s impossible to not fall victim to the track’s sly arrangement. Pausing at gentle down-tempo moments, the track continues to ride this emotion until blossoming into a somewhat R&B background, once again showcasing the scattered, yet refined sound Papyllon dabbles with.

“We´re kinda like black sheep on the scene, a four-piece: a natural shredder, a drummer, a singer, and a misanthrope. Our history began sometime in the fall of 2010. Since then, we´ve played any genre that the critics and fans could come up with. We come from a relatively small town of Prešov, in a relatively small country of Slovakia, so we´re relatively humble but somewhere deep inside, everyone of us wants to sell out and buy a roadster. Our mutual goal is to be idolized sometime in the future, just like motivation speakers or cat videos.”

Captivating, and addicting “Seventeen, baby” hushes to wants and desires, ultimately becoming a need through soulful and jazz construction, mirroring the continued success for the young band.

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