Live: Georgi Kay at the Bardot for School Night

Last week, Georgi Kay took School Night to another level of electronic.


Born in Perth, Australia, Georgi Kay began her musical career at a young age, beginning to experiment with songwriting on the guitar at the age of thirteen. After collaborating with Australian DJs Feenixpawl and Ivan Gough on “In My Mind,” which was to become an international dance anthem, Georgi decided to branch out and embrace electronic music wholeheartedly. In Los Angeles, she is a relative newcomer, having made the move to SoCal late last year. However, she’s had no problem taking the local electronic scene by storm, having made waves at several iconic LA venues, including the Echo and the Santa Monica pier.

Continuing this streak, Georgi Kay kicked off a cool night at the Bardot in Hollywood on Monday, taking the small stage just after 9pm. Armed with nothing but a laptop, a sampler, and an electronic drum pad, she exuded an effortless swagger, seeming perfectly at home in the intimate environment. As she settled into her set of mainly new and unreleased songs, the small, sociable crowd began to take notice, bobbing their heads and lavishing her with applause during each break.


Her dark sensibilities shown through on tracks like “Toxins,” with lyrics like, “Sinking in my tears, drowning in sin / If this ain’t who I am, then I don’t know where to begin.” Matching this despairing tone were deep bass hits that perfectly counterbalanced her smooth and sultry voice. Conversely, the ballad-like “Lone Wolf” showed a lighter side of Georgi, as she offered a powerful ode to independence and freedom: “I will always be a lone wolf / There is nothing you can do.”

Georgi rounded off her half hour set with her most recent release, “Scary People,” a foreboding, yet hopeful piece borne on the wings of the current global political state. With this closing song, she bid farewell to the tenants of the venue, reminding them to “fight fire with fire, because it’s all we got.” Following a large ovation, Georgi packed up her simple setup and quickly disappeared into the expanding crowd, undoubtedly onto her next success. After being given a small taste of what Georgi Kay has hidden up her sleeve, it’s safe to say we are hungry for much, much more.

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