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Adult Books Debuts ‘Twin Peaks’-Inspired Video for ‘Firewalking’

Photo: Jeff Fribourg

Adult Books has premiered their latest video; an unsettling eight minute short film titled “Firewalking” and created in the style of the 1990’s television phenomenon Twin Peaks. The video features an assortment of characters out of a nightmare; angry, gibberish-spouting men and women with sightless eyes. They speak in distorted tongues, purveying a cryptic message of foreboding. The jazz-accompanied introductory scene gives way to the song’s presentation as one of the characters leaps to his feet, points a gun and exclaims “Eyes for the flame, liar!” before firing the weapon. “The Black Lodge/Red Room scenes from the show are so iconic that we thought it would be a lot of fun to recreate. It’s weird and eerie, and the song’s themes of confusion and entrapment play well into that setting” explains Adult Books guitar and vocalist Nick Winfrey.

Created by David Lynch and Mark Frost, the television show ‘Twin Peaks’ developed a cult following in the 1990’s that is still widely recognized today. Originally just two seasons that ran from 1990 to 1991 and a feature film titled “Fire Walk With Me” centered around supernatural happenings, a community intent on keeping secrets and a murdered All-American homecoming queen. In May of 2017, a third season of Twin Peaks premiered on a major television network to the delight of the show’s devoted fan base. The television show is characterized by dream-like sequences and tumultuous plot twists, which makes for visually stimulating cinematography. “The song title is a reference to Twin Peaks but the lyrics are actually about a failed relationship. We’d been tossing around the idea of doing a Twin Peaks themed video for awhile and the timing ended up working really well with the new season of the show” says Nick.

Firewalking demonstrates the influence that different elements of popular culture can have on music and artistic expression.”The song deals with duplicity of character and feelings of confusion and isolation. The phrase “Firewalking” in reference to the song means willingly putting yourself into a painful situation. I guess these themes are all pretty similar to those of the show” Nick says in reference to the song’s title. By re-imagining elements of the television show Twin Peaks and using those elements to tell a different story, Firewalking becomes more of a short film than a music video. The album on which this song is featured was released almost a year ago and Los Angeles-based Adult Books have enjoyed a successful run, playing with similar artists like Tijuana Panthers, The Garden and FIDLAR. Their debut full-length LP Running From The Blows is available on Lolipop Records.


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