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INNER WAVE Announces New Album ‘Underwater Pipe Dreams’

Inglewood's INNER WAVE announce their sophomore album 'Underwater Pipe Dreams.'


It’s not fair to label Los Angeles ensemble INNER WAVE as a psychedelic band when they are so much more.  Pablo Sotelo (Guitar/Vocals), Jean Pierre Narvaez (Bass/Vocals), Luis Portillo  (Drums), Chris Runners (Synthesizer/Keys), and Elijah Trujillo (Guitar/Keys) truly create a textured platform of breathable funk that carries qualities of a hallucination. Coming back from their West Coast tour, INNER WAVE is set to release their sophomore album, Underwater Pipe Dreams, Friday August 25th.

With tracks like “Buffalo” that capture the the funky-quirks and raw edge that INNER WAVE cuts their dreamy appeal with, the Inglewood natives always manage to plant their roots within each track. Not shying as a product of their environment, Underwater Pipe Dreams is meant to have their signature “chilled” synth-pop sounds with an extra dose of Latin infused hip-hop rhythms.

Sotelo says of the new album in a recent press release: “Underwater Pipe Dreams was a name that initially came up as a joke, but the more I saw those words together the more I liked it.  Underwater is a nod to Lil Ugly Mane’s Underwater Tank song that was released in 2014.  Pipe dream is a phrase that means an unattainable or fanciful hope or scheme. A fantasy something that will most likely never happen. That is how I felt about a lot of things during the making of this album. Whether it was a relationship I was in that was on the verge of ending, my future career in music and the uncertainty of it, the outcome of all these plans I wanted to see through (including finishing the album) felt like a long-shot.”

If unfamiliar with the quintet, their sound is a scattered collective — a  refined juxtaposition — that builds around an indie-rock skeleton, dreamy synths, and eccentricity. “Song 3” delivers the jump of easy going breaks and airy elements that contrast Sotelo’s rough vocals. Truly a band that needs to be discovered and paid close attention to this year.

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