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Flavor of the Week: Rock

Post-punk, classic, and psych. Anyway you slice it, roots lead back to rock. Top 5 picks that crept through GUM's ears.

WARBLY JETSThe Lowdown” – Los Angeles quartet, Warbly Jets, sum up the “games” played in the music industry and respond with an assertion of their foot firmly planted in the scene with their new single “The Lowdown.” The track contains one of the most simple, yet addicting drum lines that fuels the natural and confident vocals, that of Samuel Shea. Revolving around this idea of “who you know” and what clique you need to belong to, the refreshing call-out is backed with pure rock elements, slightly revamped for the modern era. Catch their next LA show, July 20th at The Roxy.


BIRDS “Scatter” – Brooklyn-psych ensemble, BIRDS, manage to give us a raw slice of indulgence that keeps to the grit of garage rock.  Slight influential patterns of 60s’ rock weave in and out through a lens of fuzz and alternative sounds. “Scatter” scrapes the fuzz and lo-fi that represents the slack within garage rock, but somehow manages to create an overall polished track. Taken from their debut LP, Everything All At Once, out August 18 via Greenway Records.


DeepsecretsStrangest of Winds” – Deepsecrets– the latest persona and solo project of Chris Jones from Scary Little Friends– plays with classic Americana and psych-soul elements with his latest single “Strangest of Winds.” Clocking in at a little over 4 minutes, the tranquil track highlights the simplicity of slow plucked chords on a 70s rock environment. Jones’ vocals add the delicacy of emotions on an earthed tone of experimentation, becoming almost fitting from one hailing from San Francisco. Taken from the album Sleeper Awakens, “Strangest of Winds”  and its overall lull is an impressive footprint for Jones and future releases.


The Tissues Red light” –  Dark, scuzzy bliss take full center for LA’s post-rock band, The Tissues, and their latest single, “Red Light.” Taken from their recent album Veil, the quartet — led by Kristine Nerrose’s blistering vocals– dives into post-punk’s simplicity while neatly melting towards an avant-garde sound. Jerry Narrows, Bianca Ayala, and Colette Arenas, individually stand out on “Red Light” and the track’s repetitious indignation that build into a fast-paced album. Catch them August 24th at The Smell, alongside Ghost Noise and Casey Chisholm. 


Fencer– “Junebug” –  If you’re looking for a raw slice of rock to quench your thirst, look no further. Los Angeles trio Fencer have delivered the epitome of raw angst, adolescent gibberish, wrapped in an addictive behavior with their track “Junebug,” taken from their debut EP, With, which is equally enjoyable. Isolated moments of clean drum-fills, crunchy distortion without the noise of lo-fi pair the track’s youthful quality with it’s high energetic dosage.


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