Porcelain Pale Unleashes ‘Yesterday’s Tomorrow’

Self described as a “bedroom pop” turned experimental pop group, California natives Porcelain Pale are bringing back the 80s with their signature moody, atmospheric style. After forming as a solo DIY project of singer Andy Rayner, the band developed into it’s current form in 2014 with the addition of collaborators Adrian Arroyo on keys and Roger Lopez on percussion. With a mixtape and an EP under their belt, the group is preparing to release a new album in the near, to be determined future, promising growth in their sound and a wider experimental range.


Released last Friday, Porcelain Pale’s newest addition “Yesterday’s Tomorrow” cruises along with a driving beat and deep bass rhythm. Lacking the standard chorus-verse structure, the song takes on a free form feeling, it’s sparse lyrics proclaiming opposition and anger: “Say I fucking need to change / I don’t wanna, when it seems so hard to do / I never trusted you.” In agreement with the tone of the vocals, the instrumentals careen steadily towards a passionate climax as melodic synth sounds collide with the heavy percussion following the final lyrical phrase. The full soundscape leaves no room for breath or boredom with its multilayered texture and constant sense of urgency from the first drum beat to the final synth note.

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