NK Riot and the Emergence of the GOJI Music Genre – ‘Reality Pages’

Photo: Jessica Moncrief

What began as a cyber-punk experimental project has emerged as the GOJI genre, as pioneered by electronic musician NK Riot. The GOJI genre was conceptualized by NK Riot out of a desire to not be lumped into the category of “EDM” but to explore multi-dimensional electronic music through many different avenues. Although similar in style and affectation to Daft Punk, his music is absolutely original in composition and sound. This distinctive style combines heavy synthesizers, prog rock-style guitar and electronic beats to create a euphoric and high-energy sound. The combination of sounds makes for a wild live performance that simultaneously translates into immaculate recorded material that can be accessed on NK Riot’s SoundCloud page although the last few songs are about a year old. Since 2013, NK Riot has been hard at work honing his distinctive style. This June, he released a spacey electronic dance anthem titled Reality Pages a la Daft Punk that fully illustrate what the GOJI music genre embodies. Futuristic beats melted together with robotic vocals conjures up a very distinctive space travel vibe unique to NK Riot’s signature sound.

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