Illsamar ‘On My’

Illsamar takes you on a ride through her mind with humble beginnings and a clean hip-hop core with her latest track "On My."

Humble roots always lead to beautiful creations, and nothing tastes better than mama’s home cooking. Covina-based rapper, Illsamar, returns with her latest single and video, titled “On My.” Since her last release the young rapper’s growth and redefinition became an on-going journey as the raging war of herself, faith, and reality drove her lyrics. What seems to finally be a perfected sound of nostalgic hip-hop, produced by Yohalmo, turns “On My” into a down-to-earth soundscape that easily becomes a summer anthem for all the dreamers.

“’On My’ was inspired by my current hustle with music. The obstacles it comes with and the slander you get from family and friends for not being present. That’s what the first verse sums up. The second verse is me giving you a ride through my mind when I write. Who I used to be, what I am now, and my convictions in life and my faith,” explains Illsamar.


The visual counterpart, directed by FolkGRP, extracts the true heart of “On My” and features Illsamar enjoying a day at the beach with her family. Illustrating feel-good vibes throughout the video’s continuous use of candid shots, there’s a bigger picture painted behind the simply shot direction. Melodic bars are home to the honest lines, ” That’s the cost I pay / living by the rhymer’s way / I know they think it’s just a phase / but trust me, God will show the way,” bringing back the track’s theme full circle. Tying it all with subtle lines of animated quirks, “On My” balances Illsamar’s heavy and young at heart demeanor.

Many may think they know what Illsamar sounds like, or where she is from, but nothing can come close to what “On My” embodies; do what you love and everything will fall in it’s place.


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