Astro Traveling with K-HAM CA

Ontario-based producer/rapper/poet Khadeem Hamilton, known artistically as K-HAM CA  released his latest mixtape titled ASTRO TRAVELING 2 in May 2017. Like his earlier projects released between 2011 and now, this latest collection of songs has a mature sound and you can tell Khadeem has studied his hip-hop history, as he draws influences from artists like MF DOOM and Madlib.

Originally, Khadeem was inspired to pursue music after taking a guitar class in the 9th grade. He was influenced by artists like Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin in his early years. When offered a music production class in high school, he began working with instrumental tracks and earned top marks in the classroom. In addition to producing tracks for a number of local artists, Khadeem released his first mixtape as K-HAM CA titled Welcome to the Traphouse in 2011, which featured instrumental tracks and helped craft his reputation as a producer worth watching. After the success of his first release, the possibility of building a career with music became a major focus for Khadeem and he began experimenting with more diverse material. He released his 2nd instrumental mixtape titled “Classik” in the summer of 2013.

In addition to maintaining a blossoming musical career, Khadeem is in his final year of the marketing program at Sheridan College with the intention of directing his knowledge of business into generating success for his musical ventures. This latest release from K-HAM CA features liquid trap beats, solid wordplay and a uniquely trippy hip-hop experience.