Takahiro Izutani’s Instrumental Masterpiece ‘Linga Franca’

Japanese artist Takahiro’s breakbeat project DUGO has released a dynamic and emotional new album titled Linga Franca. Since the late 90’s, guitarist Takahiro Izutani is most widely known for his avant-garde band “Happy Family”, who released three alums together. The group released Minimal Gods in 2014, which was their first album in 15 years and Takahiro mixed every single track himself.

The group eventually disbanded and the members went on to pursue other ventures, including Takahiro. He continued to produce music for other artists, occasionally arranging and mixing music as well. He eventually set up a studio of his own and acquired all the equipment necessary to compose his own music. His first job as a professional musician was with a J-POP group called PAMELAH who asked for his help remixing their music. Since then, Takahiro has found success in creating instrumental scores, some of which have been features in television, film and video games. In 2006, DUGO landed a track called “Dublin” on the popular TV show CSI: Miami Season 6. “I just see every job as an opportunity to simply do my best. The work I have put out now reflects nothing else except that. While I certainly enjoy any job I receive, above all else I try to have an objective viewpoint about my music” says Takahiro of his work in an interview with Video Game Music Online.

Takahiro says he likes to create on the computer without compromising his artistic authenticity as a guitar musician. Although he has found success creating music for games, he says the industry has declined in recent years. Some gaming companies require their composers to have knowledge of programming, which created a significant obstacle for Takahiro to overcome. “I learned that game music composition had become synchronized with composition for other media such as CDs. That’s when I became interested in the gaming industry” he says. Takahiro excels at creating immersive soundscapes for games because he says he likes working with instrumental tracks more than tracks with lyrics, like the J-POP music that he had formerly been working with. This latest release from DUGO provides ideal accompaniment to any activity as it ranges from soft and sentimental to dynamic intensity, all carried by sweet guitar melodies crafted with love from Takahiro’s own hands.

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