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The Great Sadness ‘WEEP’

Courtesy of the Artist

There’s nothing more exciting when you come across an album that restores your faith back in rock, and music in general. Cathy Cooper and drummer Stephen McNeely are the masterminds behind The Great Sadness. Meeting in Echo Park fours years ago with the intentions of playing folk-rock, evolved into the venomous drink of choice one would have as anthem down the Delta Trail. Fusing gritty rock with a slew of dark-blues, The Great Sadness have placed their sound firmly in Los Angeles.

Their latest release, WEEP, is a 10-track shot of adrenaline that leaves you foaming at the mouth for more. While each song’s strength is enough to stand alone, the cohesiveness of WEEP  is where their overall sound truly comes to life. Simplicity of the duo gives the tone a raw and rough edge that is needed for blues-rock, yet is crisp enough for obvious praise of construction and refined cleaning.

Cooper and McNeely’s chemical reaction on the album creates an addictive magnetic pull. Tracks like “BIRDMAN” stop your breath, while “ENOUGH” and “WONDERLAND” sends a chill down your spine, courtesy of Cooper’s quivering vocals; a dark and riveting power that is allusive and electrifying. Yet, it isn’t just Cooper’s power vocals that create show stopping moments, it’s also the controlled range of emotion that can be conveyed even at the softest moments heard on “SUICIDE” –briefly, but nonetheless still present.

Scuzzy guitars, distorted lines of pure rock bliss, and attitude for days, WEEP does just that. It’s something that you wish you heard earlier, but at the same you wish you didn’t so you can still soak in the initial reaction of hearing The Great Sadness for the first time.

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