Unfiltered Charm: Blushh’s Debut ‘It’s Fine’

downloadBrand new on the indie circuit, Blushh is the brainchild of multitalented Los Angeles artist Shab Ferdowsi. With her own music blog, photography practice, and event promotion company, it’s amazing she has any time left to gift us with her musical talents, but somehow she found the time to drop her debut EP It’s Fine earlier this month. With a run time of less than fifteen minutes, the album whips by, yet it leaves a lasting impression with intelligently candid lyrics and punchy guitar. The combination of these aspects, layered on top of catchy drum beats, gives the album a nostalgic, yet updated garage band sound that is as inherently charming as it is raw.

It’s Fine has a definite stream-of-consciousness quality, creating an air of unfiltered honesty throughout. Lead track “I Don’t Wanna Leave” exemplifies this quality with lyrics such as “I don’t wanna wait for you. / I don’t wanna feel so blue. / But I do, I should, I will anyway.” Reading like an inner monologue, lines like these express the constant struggle that most of us have between our logical thoughts and our emotional drives. This frankness continues as the little EP marches along through the catchy “Wake Me Up,” which expresses that restlessness that plagues so many of us: “Sitting lonely in my bedroom / singing softly, why, it’s too cold outside.” The image of being stuck inside due to the cold calls forth the idea of emotional entrapment, whether in a relationship or in one’s own thoughts. The album settles on a languid note with “Nevermind I’ll Be Fine,” as the punky garage band sound gives way to acoustic guitar and a simple two-chord progression and the quiet concession of “Never mind I’ll be fine. / Never mind what I felt for you.” A perfect wrap up to the album, this outpouring gives a feeling of finality and acceptance to the short story it contains.

If you’d like to catch Blushh’s debut album live, it may be your lucky day – they will be throwing a combination album release and birthday party, complete with cupcakes, on Friday, June 23rd in downtown Los Angeles. More details are available on blushh’s Facebook page.

Rachel is a freelance boom operator and full-time music lover. When she's not holding her arms above her head for hours, she’s digging around for new music and buying ALL the concert tickets.

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