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Fight galactic foes through Polartropica's latest indietronica track and video, "Olympia."

Photo:Olivia Hemaratanatorn

What started as a possible submission for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics turned into a heavy stance of love, unity, and strength for front-woman, Ihui Cherise Wu on the latest Polartropica track “Olympia.” The indie electronica track is pure synth magic, funneling moments of hyper-speed into the track’s blissful charm. Despite the high dosage of animated brightness that embodies the track, “Olympia” still manages to subtly uplift listeners through triumphant drum beats that leads the song towards a victorious end.

Translating indie-tronica and the intangible motivation that is heard within the lyrics, “Olympia’s” visual counterpart becomes a galactic rush to the head that prepares one for battle. Directed by Yoko Okumura, the futuristic mirrored appeal — inspired from Yayoi Kusama’s infinity room mirror exhibit at LACMA — highlights the infinite aspect, and strength of “Olympia.” Additionally the video takes a couple of pages from Japanese mythology, seen through female rabbit bodyguards that hail from the moon, praising the attention to detail that radiates the passion of the track.

“The overall theme is unity and women overcoming adversity together, with the advice and love from coaches, teachers, family and friends – the things we learn stay with us forever, even if the person is physically not there,” explained Wu.

The glittery appeal of “Olympia” displays a different feat of strength that most might not realize. Polartropica’s consistency to be their bright and illustrated selves is a refreshing sound to bask and learn from.

Get transported with Polartropica, Tuesday June 20th at the Bootleg Theater with Cutty Flam and The Broken Hearts.


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