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Kai Straw ‘The Recipe’

Kai Straw returns with more funk and faint indie-pop vibes on the Summer track "The Recipe."

Courtesy of Kai Straw via Facebook

San Francisco’s Kai Straw is clearly an artist who takes time perfecting his craft. The soulful croons that made Toothpick come to life ranged from the raspy scratch of Kai’s vocals to the clean production of James The Bear, leading both into a realm of fresh future funk. Now as Summer rolls in Kai Straw displays yet again another side to his palate of sounds with the bright, pop-funk track “The Recipe.”

Once again being produced by James The Bear, “The Recipe” opens with a familiar tone, yet unravels into a summer flavored track of nostalgia and warm rays. Dabbling into the softer side of indie-pop, Kai’s vocals bend and flow to the easy going vibes and somehow manages to instill his own poetic lines within the bliss of the track. Kai Straw and James The Bear craft an addicting Summer anthem the right way, while teasing listeners for his forthcoming album GUN.

Simply put,  Kai Straw and James The Bear, that’s the recipe.


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