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Premiere: Susy Sun ‘Selfish Love’

Photo: Mona Y. Lee , Courtesy of the artist

Dripping with feel good indie-pop, Los Angeles-based artist Susy Sun, takes the act of being selfish from a relationship to a larger platform for her “Selfish Love” video, off her self-titled EP. The sweet tune is basked in the warm rays of Southern California and displays the beauty that is all around us, simultaneously also revealing how the simple act of “turning the other way” dissolves this very beauty.

“The song itself is touching on the idea of being selfish in a relationship, but for the video I widened the scope and wanted to show that being selfish impacts more than just our personal relationships — but the environment around us. It’s my take on being more aware of environmental issues, something I’m very passionate about. We even snuck into the Los Angeles dump to film the final scenes to show that garbage is NOT out of sight out of mind, it actually goes into a landfill.”


Directed by Andrew Charles Edman , and shot throughout Los Angeles, Susy Sun is depicted aimlessly going through the motions of a normal day and the blissful mindset of selfish acts that harm the environment. Playfully shot and covered with beach-pop, the DIY styled video and it’s simplicity waste no time in getting the point across. Pairing with Susy Sun’s dreamy, retro vocals adds to this demeanor and creates a loving video with an insanely addicting hook.

It’s easy to see that Susy Sun’s roots from Seattle have gotten a little brighter now in Los Angeles. Be sure to catch Susy Sun at Lot 1 Café,  Friday June 16th.

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