New Noise

Erin Rae ‘Like The First Time’

When you come across a song that will make you stop in your tracks and absorb every melodic push, you know you’ve stumbled across something deeply beautiful. Nashville’s Erin Rae creates a delicate plate of beauty with whispers of cracks that manage to stay with you moments after listening. “Like The First Time” is a modern fusion of 60s’ psych, indie, and an overall melting pot of simplistic pain carried through one sentence: “Tried to give you what you wanted, so you think of me like the first time.”

The track’s simple approach pairs with the irony of attempting to repeat first actions; an act that is not simple and sadly can never be repeated. Rae’s battle with control and time drips through a fuzzy guitar distortion while Rae tries to maintain her composure through a honey-eyed tone that is almost intangible as the concept of love and time. With the right amount of an atmospheric background and bitter-sweetness, “Like The First Time” embodies the firsts, simply and sweetly.

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