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LISTEN: Shoegaze Vibes from Goth Babe’s ‘Early Mornings’

Griffin Washburn’s newest project Goth Babe released “Early Mornings” in April of 2017. Originally from New York, Goth Babe blossomed when Washburn moved from Memphis to Nashville, TN in 2016 and compiled an accompanying band of friends asked to play live shows with Washburn. Formerly the frontman of The Lagoonas, Washburn chose a distinct shoegaze-inspired sound for Goth Babe as opposed to the garage surf rock The Lagoonas were formerly known for. Washburn cites early musical influences from skate videos in this interview with Nakid Magazine from last year, naming him as an artist to watch and rightfully so.

However, the skate video influences seem much more evident in his earlier work both as the frontman of The Lagoonas and as Goth Babe. As he evolves as an artist, his work under the moniker Goth Babe has taken a noticeably darker and multi-dimensional route vastly different from the feel-good, lo-fi tunes previously associated with Washburn’s work. The latest release includes elements of new wave and synth pop, much like Goth Babe’s earlier releases but seemingly more refined, developed and sentimental. Washburn recently relocated to New York but says he hasn’t gotten as much music in. The plan is for Washburn to relocate to Los Angeles soon to start playing more live shows and work more extensively focused on his newer musical projects. “Early Mornings” was released amidst this chaotic transitional period of growth, change and relocation. “It was almost like a check-in just to let folks know I’m still around, still writing, and still figuring this whole life thing out!” says Washburn of this latest release, “I hope everyone that is listening is enjoying and possibly wanting more. I guess I’m just crossing my fingers for that part!”

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