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EXES ‘Cain’

If walls could only talk. The ones that saw it all would have so much to say, but what of the ones that came too late? Allie McDonald unveils a part of herself that is rooted deeply from a part of love and pain, the intersection of the two in a room that she visited too late, and a room that was held in her mind on the latest EXES track, “Cain.” Scoring vulnerability through a burning build of electronica and indie creates one of the best tracks from EXES we’ve heard thus far, allowing a personal side of McDonald take center stage over the wash of sounds. “Cain” becomes a flickering build that is best to watch and not hold too long for the inevitable feeling of being burned.



McDonald explained on Facebook: “‘Cain’ might be the most difficult and personal song we’ve ever written. Cain was my muse–my inspiration–my first love. Although we were thousands of miles apart, we somehow found each other years ago. Our virtual relationship was composed purely of poems, songs, words, emails. I was never able to touch or meet Cain–he passed away in 2015. 6 months after his death, in what felt like a movie, I flew to England to meet his friends and family. This song is about that night I spent with his mom and best friend drinking champagne and dancing until the sun came up–reminiscing on a love that almost and will always be. Missing you always Cain Raban.”

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