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[Premiere]: Twin Oaks ‘Collapse’ EP

Creating a landscape of lush and delicatly weaved sounds, Twin Oaks — Lauren Brown and Aaron Domingo — return with their latest installment Collapse. Giving us a first taste back in Novemeber with the dream-pop ballad “Eighteen Minutes,” Twin Oaks’ cinematic sound and eloquent construction continues to provide them with the platform to rise within their own realm of growth.

Collapse sees many differences from prior releases such as The Lions Den and White Noise, primarily coming from their moments in time and development process. “They were all written at different periods of our personal lives and with different influential musicians,” explained Brown. “We had gone back to writing as a duo and the sounds for Collapse really came from the inspired growth we found in White Noise while finding the space to integrate the roots and instrumental focus that was found in Lions Den.”

Image Courtesy of Twin Oaks

From the delicate poise that is instilled on “Windows” to the uproar of emotions felt on “Lie To Me,” Twin Oaks’ Collapse ultimately becomes the duo’s most cohesive and refined album from beginning to end.

Collapse was written earnestly, touching on the subjects of personal hardship dealing with death, loss of love, self-loathing, mental exhaustion and the struggle to maintain strength. We decided to name this EP Collapse because it just felt right and sincere. When you hit rock bottom, there is no place to go but up. So the EP is themes on the idea of moving on and forgiving. It’s based on the concept of burning down the past, letting go of the idealistic future and living in the present. This EP lyrically is very personal to me. Each title was chosen with intent and each song was written with a message. It was very important that musically, the emotion was conveyed as well, which we hope can be heard,” states Brown on the EP.

In celebration of Collapse, Twin Oaks will be having a release party at The Lexington, May 31st, with NAVVI. Get tickets here.

Stream Collapse exclusively here and pre-order on BandCamp.

Collapse out June 2nd.

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