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Sabrina Claudio ‘Unravel Me’

Sabrina Claudio displays self-love and vulnerability with her latest video "Unravel Me."

Some may argue that giving yourself away is beautiful, while others may look down at this act and hail towards lack of self-worth. If we are but a reflection of what we value within ourselves, can giving the most intimate version of yourself be seen as an act of courageous self-love? Los Angeles-based artist Sabrina Claudio and her track “Unravel Me” gracefully reassures viewers and listeners in the art of love–to ones’ self and another, in that order.

Delicately shot with a soft palate of intimacy, Director Sasha Samsonova derives the velvet croon of Claudio into a visual artwork of vulnerability. Paired with an innocent version of growth and love, seen through the various butterflies that cling to Claudio’s body, the video itself unravels into feminine strength and beauty. The video’s sensuality of Claudio refreshes the notion of vulnerability but not in a weak stance, but that of a woman who knows what she wants and deserves.

Claudio skids across the soulful notes “I know you’re trying, but you’ll never unravel me” into an electronic want for one to “unravel me.” Led by a powerful and soulful R&B backing, “Unravel Me” creates a magical lure of passion that could be only delivered by Claudio’s sensual vocals. The act of presentation is more than flesh for one to say “Bon Appétit” but that of a human in all it’s grace.



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