A Noir Romance: Cigarettes After Sex’s ‘Each Time You Fall In Love’

Greg Gonzalez, lead man and only permanent member of Brooklyn’s ambient pop group Cigarettes After Sex, is a pure romantic when it comes to songwriting inspiration. As he has often professed, each one of his songs references a particular moment with a particular lover, favoring short and passionate trysts as opposed to long love affairs. With an EP and several well-received singles under his belt, Gonzalez is finally ready to release his first full length self titled album on his favorite theme – love. He plans to keep it simple and on-topic, eliminating all distractions from that most all-consuming of emotions.

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Despite the purported romantic focus of Cigarettes After Sex’s upcoming release, rest assured that it won’t be filled with moony-eyed love songs. A subtle noir theme is evident in the newest single from the album, “Each Time You Fall In Love,” which is a melancholy lullaby, poignantly expressing the feeling of the inevitable low points on the rollercoaster that is love. Lyrics crooned in Gonzalez’ signature androgynous tenor tout the empty restlessness that infatuation can bring: “Each time you fall in love / it’s clearly not enough. / You sleep all day and drive out in LA. / It isn’t safe.” These lyrics are backed by a slow and dreamy accompaniment of acoustic guitars and synth, bringing out the dark side of the emotion in a way that words cannot fully express. Like much of Gonzalez’ work, the song brings about a deep feeling of nostalgia, whether it be for a summer fling, or for a powerful affair, or for a love yet to be discovered.

With their debut album set for a June 9th release, Cigarettes After Sex has extensive plans to bring their luscious sound to a town near you. The band will be embarking on an eight-month world tour starting in May, with stops in Asia, Europe, and the US. They will be hitting California in the fall, and you can catch them at the Teragram Ballroom in LA on September 14th.

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