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UNPLUGGED: Francesca Milazzo’s Live Performance of ‘Ghosting Me’

You may remember Francesca Milazzo’s mashup of Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd’s “Young and High“, which was featured on Girl Underground Music in March. Her antique style coupled with a tackling of contemporary music caught our attention immediately for the raw emotion in her voice and delivery. Now Francesca Milazzo graces us with a glimpse of her stage presence in this newly released unplugged performance of “Ghosting Me.”

She’s collected and vivacious in the way she performs, a quality reminiscent of her influences. Francesca Milazzo enjoys artists like Diana Ross and Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes, which is apparent in her soul-heavy style that keeps us coming back for more. This young artist has a sound that is cultivated beyond her years and will continue to pleasantly surprise us as her talent grows and blossoms into a fine-tuned retro style.