APAHM Night 1: The Continental Room

APAHM kicks off the first night at The Continental Room, May 14th. Here's the artists to bless the night.

In honor of the music galore that is to come throughout this month for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month , here are the artists to bless The Continental Room , Sunday May 14th. If you’re not in the area the collection of talent listed can be enjoyed anytime. – Girl Underground Music

The electric, synth-pop goddess known as POLARTROPICA  is an artist that embodies all the elements of a live show within her music. Drenched in bright and futuristic sounds, front-woman Ihui Cherise Wu standouts as a leading character of a fantasy world and provides a lush soundscape for wandering listeners.


After a small break, Lions! return with anticipation for new music. Until then, we can bask in their funk-tronic groove and highly addictive breaks, such as “Came In When You Left.” The track manages to fuse a retro and slight disco appeal to their energetic synths while balancing it with a modern and indie back-bone.


Hailing from Diamond bar comes the elusive and dreamy Phoebe’s Guitar.  Their most recent track, “Veronica,” is a down-tempo and shoegaze delight which barely scratches the surface of their sound. Easily, Phoebe’s guitar creates an atmosphere that is weaved from sheer simplicity and becomes an addictive form of escape, that quite frankly, is a beautiful sedative we don’t mind bathing in.

OC locals, PAST HYPE, which comes as an “extension”of front-man, ETA’s solo project, grows from a haunting line between a scuzzy sound of limbo into a fuller harmonious blend. There’s a certain distinction that effortlessly flows from ETA’s vocals and arrangements that seems to feed off of each other. Somewhat acting as a cinematic artist, PAST HYPE translates beyond auditory senses. Stay tuned for the EP set to be released this year.

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