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Kai Straw ‘Hurricane’

Courtesy of Kai Straw via Facebook

Loving someone is difficult enough trying to separate the idea and the act. Now, loving someone pursuing a dream and with ambition adds a different set of weight that tests the individual as well as the whole. Carrying these concepts as internal and external storms, Kai Straw returns with a raw and visually stunning piece of work for “Hurricane” that completes the entirety of the Toothpick project. Synchronizing a similar look and feel from the last album, Straw’s  second directed video continues this sensual exploration of soul that embodied the album.

Depicting the strengths and weaknesses of the natural weathers throughout life, Straw’s simplified performance gives listeners and viewers an intimate sensation of the soulful track. Since its arrival last year, “Hurricane” and its unique take on electronic, soul, and emotive vocals created a sense of strength. Circling a year later, the simplicity of Straw performing the track on-screen creates a beautiful wash of vulnerability. Only to be centered and calm through the eye of the storm during the break of the track, Straw continues to unfold frailty and encourages the motion of  “equal” storms evolving onward.


Kai Straw’s next album entitled Gun, is set to be released early Summer.

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