Sleepy Sun Divulges Their Dark Side With ‘Crave’


Born in 2005 in UC Santa Cruz, psychedelic rock band Sleepy Sun have gone through a lot of changes in the last twelve years. From losing and gaining band members to seeing their sound transform from garage rock to a more mature sound, their four preceding studio albums are proof of their longevity despite constant metamorphosis. Rather than tearing them apart, this proclivity to change has lent them an incredibly versatile sound, with no song sounding like the last.

Compared to their other recent singles, “Crave,” the latest from the NorCal quartet, swerves in yet another, darker direction. The track wastes none of it’s six-minute play time in getting straight to the point, beginning with a loud progression of fuzzy guitar chords that waver in intensity for the duration of the song. The dark mood laid out in the beginning is supplemented with church bells that toll theatrically, as the lyrics comment “You hear the sound that bell makes? / It means I’m through with you.” Such dispassionate statements are growled out by frontman Bret Constantino, who makes it abundantly clear throughout that he’s had enough. The song doesn’t let up until the very end, and fans in for the long listen will be rewarded with a slow build to a loud climax of crashing instrumentals that dissolve at last into a low crackling roar.

Sleepy Sun’s upcoming LP, entitled Private Tales, wafts apathetically in on a sultry summer breeze in early June, just in time to lead you through those hot, sweaty nights. Stay tuned, as the band’s touring plans aren’t quite fleshed out yet. If you’re itching to catch them live, have no fear – they’ll be in town on May 27th at The Hi Hat.

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