Bent Denim’s Self-Reflective, Sad Anthem ‘All My Friends Are Dead’

Some songs are intended to be listened to alone in your car at night or in your headphones as you ride the train alone. They stir the pools of your memory and bring forgotten things to the surface. Bent Denim’s newest release “All My Friends Are Dead” conjures up the deeply pitted feeling of sorrow in your stomach upon the realization that the people you knew in youth are now adults with problems, addictions and irreversible damage on their souls. The distant guitar fades like a hazy childhood memory back into the recesses of your mind with an echoic percussion carrying the beat steadily, like time marching on.

Nashville/New Orleans-based duo Bent Denim released “All My Friends Are Dead” as the first track on their upcoming EP titled Diamond Jubilee, which is highly anticipated since their last full-length recording came out in 2015. The track is only about two minutes long but within that time, it says everything that needs to be said about nostalgia for forgotten friendships, the death of innocence and a bitter longing for a formerly-known intimacy. Diamond Jubilee is expected to be out May 12th, 2017 and promises more heartache for the avid consumer of sorrowful songs.