Odina ‘Why’d You Make Me Cry’

Spanish songstress, Odina, captivates with a raw minimalist sound heard on her latest track "Why'd You Make Me Cry."

Photo: Hannah Mae Clark

Spanish songstress, Odina, captivates listeners with a raw, minimalist beauty carried throughout her recollection of heartbreak on her latest track “Why’d You Make Me Cry.” The track’s somber and gentle demeanor whisks leftover feelings and lingering thoughts Odina revisits into haunting ghosts. Carried by a bare minimum of sounds, Odina’s intimate delivery allows a listener to see and feel the jagged lines a human can’t ignore. Poised, crisp, and ultimately intangible, Odina’s organic vocals transmit “Why’d You Make Me Cry” onto a different level of indie-folk.



Be sure to catch her 4th June at Primavera Sound Festival, Barcelona

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