Discover: Grim Streaker ‘Guts’

Grim Streaker bless the world with a concentrated shot of sweat and garage rock fusion.

Courtesy Photo

Brooklyn garage-noise rockers, Grim Streaker, continue their explosive momentum of their debut single “Guts” by pairing it with the perfect stripped down video. Feeding off the insatiable adrenaline rush of live performances, “Guts” showcases the band in their natural element — making noise and sweat. Simply shot in black and white with a focus on the intimacy of live performances, Grim Streaker revives the joy of absorbing punk and garage rock, the way the universe intended.

Diving straight into a fast paced and hard hitting melodic drive “Guts” lives up to its name; a concentrated drop of sweat that is an addictive garage rock fusion that hails back when the angst made it’s way into the scene decades ago. Scuzzy guitar lines and muffled vocals break free through the angst of front-woman’s Amelia Bushell’s  power quivering vocals, while Dan Peskin, Micah Weisberg, Bill Dvorak and drummer Piyal Basu’s dynamic force complement the high-spirited energy.

“Guts” becomes a flagship track of balanced contemporary punk that leaves a loud footstep of Grim Streaker and the anticipated follow for their Girl Minority EP due June 23rd.


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