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Mat Hunsley ‘Do You Need Me Near’

Newcastle-based folk singer, Mat Hunsley, reassures us that some relationships can stand the tests of time.

Newcastle-based folk singer, Mat Hunsley steps into 2017 with his first release, “Do You Need Me,” filled with beautiful story telling against warm elements of an acoustic. The track’s soft and dreamy nature resonates with each string picked in a reassuring lull of continued happiness. Small peaks of electronic plucks overlay the folk-esque quality, adding a subtle dimensional filling. Hunsley’s guided tone and mature mindset begins to unravel throughout his words, from the track’s initial lack of questioning if one “needs” him, to the soft, optimistic residue felt by the end. “Do You Need Me Near” does echo a faint longing through the emotive stance Hunsley projects, but somehow doesn’t weigh heavy with simple and honest lines: “What I really want to know is how you’ve been?”

“This song is testament to my oldest and dearest friends. Like everyone else, I have had those friends whom I believed were essential to my happiness. I mistakenly thought that without their constant presence and participation in my life that I couldn’t possibly be as happy as I once was. Despite my worries and despite each of us having followed our differing paths, these friends have remained close to my heart. When reunited we slip effortlessly back into the old habits and patterns as if we’d never strayed away. These people don’t need me near them in order to get everything they need and deserve from life, but it’s comforting to know that our friendship will forever stay the same.”

“Do You Need Me Near” is now released via Trellis Records

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