New Noise


Capturing a listener’s attention with a strong debut in 2016, London artist MALIKA made her voice be known on her soulful Snakehips and Maths Time Joys produced track “Put It On Me.”  A year later, MALIKA returns with a different side to her sound with the Bodhi produced track, “Run,” taken from the forthcoming album, Songs About C, due later this year. Battling a heavier side compared to the bright demeanor last heard, “Run” leads with a darker concept but still manages to finish with a sense of optimism.

Opening with a visual narrative of contentment, MALIKA makes it known that she isn’t “homeless” but there’s a haunting ghost that seems to linger. Unfolding into synths and an electronic background, “Run” suddenly takes the pop route throughout the chorus which can only be properly pulled-off by MALIKA and her ’90s aesthetic. The track continues to offer this vulnerability and need for an outlet and escape; similar of a frightened child running away.

The progressive R&B fusion that is upon the electronic bed is delivered poetically with MALIKA’s soulful, and at times, delicate voice. “Run” and it’s innocent haunt echoes a mature sound of relatability that draws in new and old listeners.

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