FRND ‘Be Happy’

LA's FRND discovers happiness with the latest "emo-electronic" track and pairing animated video.

Courtesy Photo

Los Angeles producer and musician FRND continues to connect listeners to his relatable story lines and catchy beats, while withholding his identity. The latest creation, “Be Happy,” takes you on an emotional and somewhat bitter-sweet journey that comes alive with the pairing of the track’s animated video. Depicted through scenes and strides of a grey koala, the overall intent of the song becomes a fresh, and “emo-electronic” lesson.

“The video for ‘Be Happy’ centers around the emotional journey after a relationship,” says FRND. “I wanted to make something that felt real and related to the stages you go through when realizing what is truly important in your life. Though the koala embodies the emotion and lyrics of the song, look out for the sloth.”

As the indie-pop opens into a heartfelt electronic sound, the catchy melody and tender story line causes a time of reflection on finding true happiness: “I had to lose you to find myself.” As our friend goes through the motions, ultimate peace is found through growth and jolted drops.


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