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SIDIZEN KING ‘Roll The Dice’

Los Angeles-based artist SIDIZEN KING returns with his fresh "future" hip-hop sound on the latest track "Roll The Dice."

Courtesy of SIDIZEN KING

Each track Los Angeles-based artist SIDIZEN KING unveils seems to put the young rapper on a different plane of future music. With his latest release, “Roll The Dice,” Sid once again battles titles and pushes for something more than being placed in the “friend-zone.” The electro-funk fusion of R&B is a crisp, cool drink of water to satisfy those who lean towards cleaner productions and those who are keen on witty word play.

Produced by Ryan Spraker, and with vocal assist by Kendra Mack, “Roll The Dice” carries traits of hip-hop at it’s peak, while becoming future forward. Versus previous tracks, “Roll The Dice” carries a less “filled” production that highlights the flexibility of Sid’s vocals and tone. Considering the consistent and simple production, which is ear candy from the start, the focus of “Roll The Dice” leans towards the emotive tug and colorful, visual context: “I’m just tryna find my lane up in your track meet, you complain we all run games, but you stay chasing the athletes.”

Bouncing from rap to smooth isolated vocals, Sid’s textured and effortless construction continues to grow with each release. Life wouldn’t be complete without an electronic twist that has become a notable trait for the LA rapper, as he swims through life’s uncertainties, pairs it with a fresh spin and delivers reality on feel good melodies.

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