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LISTEN: BONZIE Releases Intoxicating 2nd Single ‘Combback’

Chicago-based surrealist indie pop artist Nina Ferraro has been playing and recording under the moniker BONZIE since age 17. Now, at age 21 BONZIE has recently released the 2nd single off her newest album titled Zone on Nine. “It’s how I process and interpret things that have happened to me or in life in general; it’s my way of trying to understand the world: says Ferraro, explaining what recording and playing as BONZIE means to her personally.

‘Combback’ is a song about resilience and resistance. She sings in an echoic fashion over folk-y melodies, tender use synthesizer and carefully plucked guitar strings. The depth of the song is undeniable, both in dynamics and adamant lyricism. BONZIE cites Disney’s Mulan as well as Tchaikovsky and Judee Sill as influences on the newest album. Zone on Nine is a seven-minute-long epic poem within an album delivered with a rare vocal maturity reminscent of Bjork or Alanis Morissette.

This young artist can already add performances at SXSW, collaborations with Ali Chant of Youth Lagoon and album contributions from Adrian Utley of Portishead to her list of accomplishments. The eleven-track album is everywhere at once yet tied nicely together thematically in the form of a story. So far, both tracks that have been released gleam and glisten beautifully both in composition and production value. In anticipation for the full album, enjoy the 2nd single from BONZIE titled ‘Combback’!