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ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Mayflower Madame is a Dream for Goth Music Scene Worshipers

Making a comeback in recent years, goth music is a standalone genre from which emerged a new way to listen to sad music. The goth music scene has evolved dramatically from it’s origins. Bands like Bahaus and Joy Division marked the emergence of a sorrowful and tempestuous approach to making rock music. Partnering emotional semantics with darker, hollow instrumentals made for a new brand of rock music and a new breed of fan. Today, the goth music scene is still very much alive as artists like Mayflower Madame continue to keep traditional goth music appealing and relevant. The four-piece ensemble originated in Oslo, Norway and has put out now two albums together, while anticipating a third in the winter of 2017. “When we get eight songs together we just say ‘oh, that’s an album!'” says frontman Trond after the group played a captivating and visually stimulating set at Complex in Los Angeles. The group played silhouetted against smoke machines and bathed in colored lights, which created the goth-psychedelia vibe that matched their music so fittingly.


‘Drown’ is the latest single and accompanying music video from Mayflower Madame and it will be featured on their upcoming 2017 album yet to be released. They report already having about six songs written and recorded with only a few more left to go to complete the album. The smooth vibrato vocals intertwine delicately with the unrelentingly ominous basslines. Elements of doom, ambient and psych rock never played so well together as they do in Mayflower Madame’s seamless set. Flawless execution and obviously well-rehearsed, Mayflower Madame make immaculate music in unity with one another, while paying homage to the genre’s origins. There’s a deep and unsettling liquid viscosity to their music making it a quintessential part of any goth music fan’s curated collection.

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