[Remix]: Charles Fauna ‘Hypnosis’ (Brothertiger)

New York-based producer, Brothertiger, chops and skews Charles Fauna's "Hypnosis" for a brighter and breezier tone.

Photo: John Moran

Summer nights cannot be complete without the robust aroma of an electronic remix. Luckily, New York-based producer, Brothertiger dives into Charles Fauna‘s “Hypnosis” for a brighter production.

Originally a jazz drummer from Los Angeles, Charlie Mischer, commonly known by his stage name of Charles Fauna, relocated to New York to study music. Since then the producer and songwriter has dubbed many names cultivating his indie-electro sound and offers a fresh and promising taste heard on the latest track “Hypnosis.” The original track is looming and persistent with the emotive appeal, while steady keys provide an electronic rush of emotions that pair beautifully with Mischer’s raspy vocals. Ultimately creating a cinematic electro- ballad.

Jumping into the Brothertiger version becomes a quick change of attire. The NY producer removes the suspenseful opening and brightens up the arrangement to fit the season. Extending the opening with a “tropical” background, Brothertiger allows for full absorption and preservation of Mischer’s intimate vocals that somehow still manage to showcase feelings through the uptempo.

Regardless of how “Hypnosis” is spun, both versions become perfect for the summer night skies with their mutual carefree attitude.


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