Gabriel Garzón-Montano ‘My Balloon’

Courtesy of YouTube, Stones Throw Records

After a successful release of his Stones Throw debut, Jardin, it’s obvious that Gabriel Garzón-Montano‘s sensual reaction when crafting anything has led to silk gold. Showcasing a diverse range of soul and modern fusion, Garzón-Montano’s “My Balloon” becomes the perfect visual counterpart to an already strong, standout track.

Directed by Santiago Carrasquilla, the video’s stunning display of color and extraneous tension between a couple, portrayed by the beautiful Kyiona Carswell alongside  Garzón-Montano, plays up the different aspects of beauty.

“We filmed this video on location in Cartagena and Las Islas del Rosario in Colombia. It’s a series of portraits of a heartbroken couple who are in beautiful places at the wrong time,” Gabriel comments for a press release.

Courtesy of Gabriel Garzon-Montano via Facebook

The video’s vivid use of color adds a touch of innocence while long shots showcase the distant and human side of love; each being beautiful. At moments the tale becomes bittersweet but one can’t help but being immersed in the surroundings. Bouncing back to visual hints, such as the reintroduction to the idea of “Sour Mango,” Gabriel’s use of fruit to convey the state of mind is apparent throughout the video. Not only adding to the fresh color palate, the constant occurrence of fruit stems further from the traditional meaning of “happiness,” highlighting it’s destruction as the fruit becomes eaten and scattered on the floor. Carrasquilla manages to create these scenes of a bigger story that awakens a moment within ourselves that is simply triggered by spoiled fruit.

The visually stunning video continues it’s take with symbolism depicted through flowers, ironically trying to preserve the love, desire, and sort of innocence of a woman. Carrasquilla weaves a gorgeous story of two individuals waiting for the time to pass as Gabriel’s revival of a soulful, modern funk, keeps a listener in constant awe.


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