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Artist Spotlight: Soulfully Sweet Artist Sam Fischer Shares Single + Video for ‘Lean’

Austrailian-born soul-pop artist Sam Fischer is the one to watch in 2017.

Australian-born songbird Sam Fischer is potentially one of the most well-rounded up-and-coming artists I have had the privilege of interviewing. He’s worked as a sport coach at a boarding school, slept on couches and only ever received one ‘F’ in his academic career, but who needs a good grade in geography anyway? Sam Fischer always loved music, particularly soulful jams and cited influences like Michael Jackson, Soulchild, Frank Ocean, D’Angelo and even Boyz2Men! His original aspiration was to be a professional tennis player, which he actively pursued competitively until a severe loss caused him to re-assess his priorities. At thirteen he accompanied a friend to a John Mayer show and realized he wanted to pursue music, which is debateably the second most difficult career aspiration behind professional athlete.

From then on, it was all music all the time for Sam. He researched Berklee College of Music after learning that John Mayer had studied there and applied in a blind leap of faith. He was accepted and graduated from the prestigious program. Following graduation, Sam hit a streak of sour luck. Having nowhere to go, a woman named Karen Balzary took him in. Karen just happens to be the sister of Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Flea and she allowed Sam to stay on her floor for over a month out of the kindness of her heart, as though she knew a thing or two about being a struggling musician.

Finally, Sam was able to catch a break. He went on tour with the group Holy Child, for whom he sand backup vocals for six months. And FINALLY, in June of 2016 Sam Fischer was signed to Small Giant, which is a subsidiary of Columbia Records. He is featured on a song that premiered in April of 2017 called ‘Secrets’, lending his talent to fellow musicians Opia.

Sam Fischer describes his own style as “disarming pop for the nighttime crowd,” which given the material he has already released is entirely fitting. With a record deal Sam has kept busy working with producers Alex Evert and Alex Tirheimer, who helped write and produce ‘Lean’ performed alongside the ever-talented dancer/choreographer Nadine Olmo and captured by accomplished videographer Spencer Owens. The video was released last year and has well over 3,000 views. Sam Fischer showcases his incredible range and an unparalleled tenderness with the soulful single.

No stranger to adversity, Sam is undeniably grounded and remains focused on his work despite his newfound status as a signed artist. “Before I was signed, I would be out all the time buying people drinks and trying to network. Now I just go back and forth to the studio and to different sessions,” he says in his optimistic, unabashedly polite Australian accent. Still, he reports that networking and marketing yourself as an artist is hard. He seems comfortable sharing his story in the hopes that it will provide some reference point to show how far he’s come in achieving his career aspirations. “I have a record deal and I still have barely any Instagram followers!” he jokes amicably while we sit in a coffee shop near his North Hollywood home, “I have all the problems I ever dreamed of having.” He is hyper-aware of how lucky he has been and never complains about any of those problems. Sam Fischer’s ignited musical career shows no sign of slowing down. He has an EP due out in the summer, the title of which remains a secret to even his closest friends.

“It’s a very honest EP about love, loss and family,” says Sam. He says writing, arranging and recording the EP has been the hardest part of his creative art. After playing a few gigs at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, Sam is ready to book more shows and finish up with his album. “It ranges from being stoked at great heights to feeling low,” Sam reports. Having come so far, Sam Fischer is enjoying the ride and all the perks of the job along the way. Says Sam of the positive response his music is receiving,  he humbly replies “I’m still not used to applause yet, it’s still so overwhelming!”


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