A Dose of Sultry Soul: Lauren Ruth Ward

Photo: Angela Izzo

It’s no secret that Lauren Ruth Ward can sing. Mere moments into one of her performances, this becomes an undeniable fact. Accordingly, this natural born talent has torn up LA’s best-known underground venues with her soulful voice since moving from Baltimore only two years ago. Although she never intended to follow the often arduous path of a professional musician, Ward has always been artistic, working as a licensed hair dresser and stylist and having sung since a young age.

In her latest single, Ward asks “Did I Offend You?,” but this question is obviously rhetorical – she doesn’t care if she offends you, or anyone else for that matter. Ward is unapologetically truthful as she reflects on the fragility of the soul and the fleeting quality of our physical existence, singing “Souls are what could break / Your skin is only walls for some odd days.” She matches this deep musing with a voice that oozes with both sultriness and subtle, yet tangible melancholy. A departure from her last single “Make Love to Myself,” a rather pugnacious statement about a person’s right to refuse unwanted affection, this song is far more introspective, lending a thoughtful tone to Ward’s oeuvre. A constant is the soft, muted intoning of the guitar, lent to the track by bandmate and writing partner Eduardo Rivera.

If you’re craving more of Ward’s smoky pipes, have no fear – this goddess of soul will be gracing the world with her first full length LP in just a matter of months. Earmarked for a summer release, you can expect her forthcoming album to carry you through those hot, hazy days of SoCal summer. In addition, you can catch her at a handful of local shows and on a couple of East Coast dates with fellow artist LP.

Upcoming Shows
April 24  The Echo, Los Angeles (Draemings Residency).
May 1 KCRW’s School Night at Bardot, Los Angeles.
May 3 Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, California.
May 9 The Roxy, Los Angeles (Opening up for The Weeks)
May 28 U Street Music Hall, Washington DC (opening for LP).
May 30 Bowery Ballroom, New York City (opening for LP).
June 12 El Rey, Los Angeles (opening for LP).
June 26 The Echo, Los Angeles (Moon Honey Residency).

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