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Night Drive ‘Rise and Fall’ Classixx Remix

Night Drive: Daniel Cavazos // Classixx Image Via Facebook

Remixes can be a beautiful thing, at times changing the entire motive of a song and sending it into another dimension. All traits that the latest Classixx remix of Austin duo Night Drive‘s “Rise and Fall” possess. If familiar with Night Drive’s original version, which is a new-wave drive of a falling relationship, you will not be able to comprehend that the Classixx version evolved from the sci-fi duo’s creation.

Focusing on a carefree soundscape, lighter with heavy sun rays, Classixx manages to turn a pitfall conversation of ending a relationship into a summer dance anthem. The tropical aspect and sunnier melodic drive sends “Rise and Fall” to possibly moments before the “fall,” with heavy drum lines and an underlying aspect of emotions.

Noting through the chop and skewed pieces used for the remix, the strongest part was keeping in tact the echoing lyrics, “I don’t want to rise as you fall, but now we’re in motion.” From either angle you’re coming from, the drive can be either a little funky or a little heavier, both heading towards change.


Listen to Night Drive’s Original Version:

Night Drive’s debut album set to be released June 16th on Roll Call Records

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