LISTEN: Saint Merissa’s Soulful Acoustic Demo – ‘Off Mulholland’

Filipina singer/songwriter Merissa Fernandez compiled her demo of songs written over the last five years. The 5-track demo titled Off Mulholland was released on Saint Merissa’s Soundcloud page in December of 2016. Each track is equally as dynamic and painfully sentimental without straying from Saint Merissa’s signature brand of vulnerable sincerity. “They recollect feelings, memories and/or events that have happened, that have a lot of weight, but are retold and perceived differently as time passes. Many of the songs revolve around a tension and release found in relationships – platonic, romantic and self” she says, addressing the subject matter and inspiration for her songwriting. Citing artists like Billie Holiday, Kimbra and Norah Jones influences, Merissa notes that she admires those artists for their strength and passion. “Passionate women in the contemporary music scene that are quirky but inspire me a lot,'” she says.

Merissa is currently spending time in Santa Cruz, California where she is continuing to record both new and older material with some of her close friends. “They are shedding new, beautiful light on these tracks and making them come to life in many different ways,” she says, stressing the importance of the collaboration. Saint Merissa is planning to release the EP she is referring to this summer. Additionally, catch Saint Merissa performing at the third annual SF PorchFest on May 20th hosted in the Mission District.

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