Discover: Iress Deliver Fresh Doom Gaze With New ‘Soaked’ EP

Photo: Ammo Bankoff // Michael Maldonado, Alex Moreno, Michelle Malley, and Glenn Chu

Led by the power house, silvery vocals of front woman Michelle Malley, Iress’s rebranding and directional shift from concentrated grunge to a self-described “doom gaze” branch the Los Angeles locals into a pool of hard hitting dreaminess. Last month we got a taste of “Crown of Losers” which subtly threw the latest flavors of the quartet into the world. Through heavy rhythms and a driving sound of melodic somberness, Iress continues to showcase their evolved sound and intricate structures with their latest installment, Soaked.

“We explored different writing styles on our new EP and focused on the heavier side of our music. Working with Kimi Recor and the PLAG team has given us such a great platform to be able to explore these new ideas. Iress is very excited to move forward and we are already writing for our next release,” stated the band on the new EP.

Surprising moments will be heard on “Breather” that echo a faint sound from the Nectar album, yet ultimately carves out it’s own sound, while “Sycophant” embodies a demented siren that eloquently dispenses bursts of melodic anger. Throughout it’s entirety, Michael Maldonado, Alex Moreno and Glenn Chu weave in and out to match Malley’s diverse tone like a chemical reaction.

Fully emerging on the Soaked EP, via PLAG Records, the 3 track EP possesses a haunting sound that pushes Iress out of their comfort zone and raises anticipation for their next release.


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